Quality of Life Resource

Create a list of your pet’s unique qualities. Your pet is a very special individual with its own special customs. These are a few general ideas to help you get started on your own list:

As your pet’s age or disease progresses and these qualities fade, mark them off the list. Decide early on how you can use these as a guide to help determine your pets quality of life.

Keep a good day/bad day calendar. Evaluate what a good day would be for your pet, and also what a bad day looks like. Each evening, recall the day and decide if it was a good or bad day, marking the calendar with a happy or a sad face. Decide how many bad days in a row occur before quality is compromised. You also can use a marble jar for this same purpose. For each good day, a marble is placed in a jar. For every bad day, a marble is removed from the jar.

Keep a journal. Sometimes it can be helpful to keep a regular record of events in your and your pet’s life. This will help you look back and reflect on changes that occur and how your life is affected.